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Gas information sheet 46: Flame safety for commercial cookers

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Gas appliances, installed in commercial kitchens which have been fitted with fire extinguishing systems (such as overhead sprinklers), must have a method of shutting-off gas supply to the premises or the appliance in the event the operation of the fire extinguishing system causes gas appliance flames to be extinguished.

Shutting off gas supply will stop the buildup of unburnt gas, which may contribute to fire or explosion, when gas and electrical power are restored after the incident.

Gas shut-off

Two methods that achieve this requirement are:

  • A flame safeguard system incorporated to all burners of the certified gas appliance.
  • A gas shut-off system that stops the flow of gas to the premises or the appliance. Such systems are required to prove pressure of the downstream installation prior to restoration of the gas supply.

Refer to AS/NZS 5601.1:2013 Gas Installations and Gas Information Sheet 16 Gas safety shut-off valves in fire extinguishing systems for the requirements of gas safety shut off systems.

For further information, contact the Gas Technical Information Helpline on 1800 625 563.