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Gas information sheet 42: Hazardous Area Classification of Gas Installations

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Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) is aware of consultants and electrical inspectors incorrectly classifying some industrial and commercial gas installations and their gas appliances as hazardous areas. Such an error may cause unnecessary additional costs and delays and in some cases, increased gas safety risk.

ESV has issued an open letter to all Australian gas safety technical regulators and some industry organisations about hazardous area classification of gas installations. This letter states that industrial and commercial gas installations and appliances operating at no more than 10 GJ/h or 200 kPa; and complying with AS 5601, AS/NZS 1596 and AS 3814; and not classified as hazardous areas within consumer premises as per Annex ZA.6.2.2 in AS/NZS 60079.10.1:2009 are non-hazardous. A copy of this letter is attached.

Electrical tradespeople and electrical inspectors have a right, and indeed a responsibility, to request an assessment from the person or organisation in charge of the installation if they have any concerns. ESV recommends that such an assessment report is available for your gas installations and the report has the support of the persons or parties in control of the installation prior to installation.

Further information

For further information contact Gas Safety Technical Information on 1800 652 563 and select option 3 or email

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