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Gas information sheet 27: Dealing with dangerous installations

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The Gas Safety (Gas Installation) Regulations require a person carrying out gasfitting work to take certain actions if they become aware of a dangerous installation. A dangerous installation is one that presents a threat to life or property.

Gas installations and appliances are found to be dangerous because of various defects, which include:

  • appliance obviously illegally installed;
  • serious appliance fault or malfunction;
  • appliance safety devices tampered with or removed;
  • significant gas escape;
  • significant flue spillage;
  • dangerous storage of LP Gas;
  • inappropriate appliance location;
  • carbon monoxide present or suspected.

The first priority when identifying a dangerous installation is to safeguard life and property.

The person carrying out the work must:

(a) make the installation or appliance safe;
(b) notify the occupier or owner about the defect; and
(c) if unable to make safe, notify the gas distribution company (if NG) or gas retailer (if LPG).

Note: Penalties may apply for failure to act as above.

If the person carrying out the gasfitting work is unable to make the gas installation safe, or it is unreasonable for the person to make the gas installation safe, he or she must without delay notify ESV and the Natural Gas distribution company or LPG retailer who supplies gas to the defective installation.

When notifying the occupier, explain that in your opinion, further use would put the occupier at serious risk and that you are obliged under the Gas Safety Regulations to make safe. If the occupier refuses to allow you to make safe, including withdrawal of supply, explain that you are required to notify the gas supplier.

You have no right to work on the installation without the owner’s permission. Record the details of the refusal (owner/occupiers name, date and time) and nature of the defect and danger.

If the dangerous installation appears to have been caused by poor workmanship, or it is an illegal installation, Energy Safe Victoria should also be notified.

If further information is required, please phone the Gas Safety Technical Information Line on 1800 652 563.