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Gas information sheet 03: Protection of Combustible Surfaces

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22nd March 2022


The protection of combustible surfaces when installing gas appliances is critical for achieving a safe gas installation. Inadequate protection to the combustible surface can lead to a dangerous gas installation and in worst cast scenario result in a fire. This can be avoided if the correct method of providing protection for combustible surfaces is implemented.

When Installing Fire Resistant Material

Where the means of compliance is to install fire resistant material, ESV requires a written confirmation from the manufacturer stating:

“The material complies with the requirements of AS/NZS 5601.1: Appendix C”.

The written confirmation must also include:

  • Be on the board manufacturer’s or supplier’s letterhead.
  • Identify the fire resistant material proprietary (brand) name.
  • State the fire resistant material’s thickness.
  • State the load bearing or non-load bearing nature of the board and is dated in the same year it is submitted to ESV.

Alternative Options

Alternative means to comply include installing gas appliances in accordance with the clearance requirements of AS/NZS 5601.1, or in accordance with the appliance manufacture’s installation instructions, whichever is the greater.

Protection of Combustible Surfaces form

The protection of Combustible Surface form (Combustible Surfaces Means to Comply Report) is issued on the Conditions of Acceptance letter following the review of a gas application where protection of combustible surfaces is required.

Gasfitters are required to advise ESV of what method is being used for the protection of combustible surfaces. This form can be completed online via GasTrac with a printable option available through the link on the letter.

ESV reminds Gasfitters that in order to comply with the conditions of acceptance, ESV will need to obtain a copy of the completed Combustible Surfaces Means to Comply Report and where applicable the fire resistant material letter with the details outlined above.

Further information

For further information contact Gas Safety Technical Information on 1800 652 563 and select option 3 or email