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FAQs - ESVConnect

  Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions on ESVConnect. If your question is specific to a section of the online platform, follow the links below.

ESVConnect FAQs

Getting into ESVConnect

Are you an Electrical Worker or REC?

All licensed electrical workers must upgrade to ESVConnect. Electrical workers cannot lodge certificates and RECs cannot lodge on your behalf if you have not upgraded. After the initial upgrade, you must the login only to ESVConnect with  your new details. Don't log back into Online Services. Go to ESVConnect and click the orange Upgrade Online Services Account button. Make sure you have the following items ready:
  1. Online Services User ID and Password
  2. An active personal email address that you have access to.
It is very important you follow the screen prompts correctly.

I am having trouble upgrading

  • We recommend using the Google Chrome browser.
  • Try clearing your browser cache by pressing CTRL F5 on your keyboard. Then retry the Upgrade Online Services Account button.
  • If you've forgotten your password click the Forgot Password button. ESVConnect supports an automatic password reset.

I am in ESVConnect, but I'm having problems

Why can't I see my licences or registration?

Go into Online Services, go to My Profile – Contact Details, and check you have used the same email to upgrade to ESVConnect. If your email address in Online Services is different, try upgrading your account using the email address in Online Services.

Why can't I add a worker for an EIC (Certificate)?

Refer to our User Guide to add a worker under your REC.

Where do I purchase certificates?

Watch our short video to find out how to Purchase Certificates Using ESVConnect.

Why can't I edit my certificate details?

Make sure you are performing an Action on the certificate by using the Action button on the top right of the screen.

Why doesn't the My Business Supervisor function work for me anymore?

Information about Changing registration details, including Adding or changing a supervisor, is available on this website.

How do I complete a Certificate of Compliance?

We have a video available to guide you through the steps to completing a Certificate of Compliance.

How do I complete a Certificate of Inspection?

We have a video available to guide you through the steps to completing a Certificate of Inspection.

How do I distribute a certificate?

We have a video available to guide you through the steps to Distributing Certificates.

Specific roles in ESVConnect

Licensed Electrical Inspectors

How do I set my availability to complete electrical inspections?

Go to your Licensed Electrical Inspector profile from the dashboard and follow the onscreen prompts.

REC operator

Who can be an REC operator?

Any person in a Registered Electrical Contractor business that the Business Supervisor or Technical Supervisor authorise can be an operator. This may include (but not limited to): administration staff, apprentices or other.

What can an REC Operator do in ESVConnect?

An REC Operator can purchase certificates for the REC, can draft and save Certificates of Compliance (but not certify). They can also allocate a Prescribed Certificate of Compliance for Inspection.

What if the REC doesn't add a LEW to their workers list? How can the LEW working for that REC meet his responsibilities?

The REC is required to keep their list of workers up to date. LEW's must upgrade to ESVConnect so their REC can add them to their worker's list and to lodge certificates.

Need more support? Contact us

Licensing and registration

If you need assistance with online forms or have a query about licensing applications, renewals or REC applications in ESVConnect, contact our Licensing team in the following ways:
Monday, Thursday, Friday — 9:00am to 4:00pm
Tuesday — 12:30pm to 4:00pm
Wednesday — 9:00am to 12:30pm


For advice and information about COES or using ESVConnect for COES, contact our COES team in the following ways:

Cathodic Protection

If you have any questions about the ESVConnect Registration of CPS process, contact our Electrolysis Mitigation team in the following ways: