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ESVConnect – COES

In 2019, the way you meet the compliance requirements for Certificates of Electrical Safety (COES) online will change.

Electrical installation compliance

In describing the installation work completed, on the Certificate of Compliance, electrical workers are making a legal statement and a safety proposition to their client. The statement describes compliance with the Electricity Safety Act 1998 and the Electricity Safety (Installations) Regulations 2009.

Non-prescribed work

In the case of non-prescribed installation work, the legal statement and safety proposition is made by the licensed electrical worker certifying the work, and the Certificate of Compliance is registered with ESV as a Certificate of Electrical Safety. Auditing of this work identifies if the work complies or not.

Prescribed work

For prescribed installation work, an independent electrical inspector conducts tests, and reviews the electrical installation work for technical compliance. The inspector also assesses whether the installation is safe for connection to electricity supply. The outcome is documented as the Certificate of Inspection, and can be compliant or non-compliant.

The Certificate of Compliance and Certificate of Inspection together, are registered by ESV as a Certificate of Electrical Safety, which forms the record of electrical installation work completed at an address.