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Gas Repairs – DDIY

Gas heating is generally a safe way to keep your house warm. However, poor maintenance and a lack of servicing of gas appliances in your home can have serious consequences.

Any gas heater can spill carbon monoxide – a gas you can’t see or smell and can cause serious illness or death.

If you notice a change in the operation of your gas heater, a change in the colour of the gas flame or you are having trouble turning on, it may be faulty. And if you’re thinking of giving it a quick clean or making an attempt at repairing the heater or any gas appliance yourself – don’t. Gas repair work is dangerous, and it is illegal.

Our research shows that people are tempted to do small DIY jobs around the house that they aren’t qualified for. This temptation has increased as we find ourselves spending more time at home.

Doing gas repair works isn’t a job for a handyman. It takes years for someone to qualify as a gasfitter. Attempting to do your own gas repair works risks killing or injuring yourself, or your family.

Read more our advice on the safe use and service of gas appliances during coronavirus.

Finding a licensed gasfitter

Gasfitters have different types of licences depending on the work they are qualified to do.

When searching for a gasfitter, you will need to check their qualifications and areas of expertise. Contact them and ask if they are licensed for the service required. When they attend the site, ask to check their licence card and the registered classes listed on the back of the card.

Type A Gasfitters

There are two different types of gas appliances – Type A and Type B appliances.

Type A appliances include domestic and light commercial type appliances such cookers, space heaters, central heaters, water heaters, catering equipment and leisure appliances. So, when looking to service and repair your gas heater, be sure it’s done by a licensed Type A Gasfitter.

To conduct routine servicing and CO checks, the licence needs to show the ‘gas servicing Type-A’ (circled in red below) accreditation.

Look out for the licence/s below when choosing a gasfitter to carry out the work. Check they are qualified to carry out Type A appliance servicing.

Sample Gas Servicing Type A licence image

Further information about heating your home safely with gas is available on our website.