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Dial Before You Dig


Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) is a free national community service that aims to help avoid damage to the underground pipes and cables that distribute essential services to our community.

DBYD helps people stay safe and observe the law when digging near essential services like electricity, gas, communications and water.

If you are planning any excavation work, you must ensure your activities do not damage electricity cables, gas pipelines or water/communications infrastructure. Tough laws and penalties apply if the infrastructure that provides essential services to your community are damaged through negligent digging practices.

With this in mind, it is also important to consider that damage caused as a result of your excavation could result in major personal or business expense, serious injuries and even death.

The DBYD service can assist you to stay safe and follow best practice by identifying the owners and location of any underground infrastructure in the area you intend to excavate.

How the DBYD service works

  1. Lodge a Dial Before You Dig request online.
  2. Dial Before You Dig will send a referral on your behalf to members who have underground assets in the area you plan to work on.
  3. Within two working days you will receive plans or other information from the asset owners as to the location of their assets near your dig site, and any special instructions for working around their assets (if any).

Dial Before You Dig service (DBYD) - How it works - image

Understand your responsibilities

It is an offence to damage cables or pipes, regardless of whether the damage is deliberate or a person has simply been negligent.

The legislation however, is not designed to penalise responsible people who do their due diligence and use the Dial Before You Dig service or landowners carrying out normal activities that do not pose any risk to underground infrastructure. Nor do they stop qualified people lawfully undertaking work on gas pipelines or work on electricity cables.

Contact DBYD

To lodge your request for information or to find out more about the service go to the Dial Before You Dig website.