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Customer satisfaction surveys

Stakeholder surveys

Every two years ESV undertakes customer, or stakeholder, satisfaction surveys. There are two separate surveys; one each for our key stakeholder groups:

  • Electrical stakeholders, and
  • Gas stakeholders

The surveys are comprehensive. In 2015 we asked our electrical stakeholders 42 questions and our gas stakeholders 37 questions. The disparity relates to additional questions about electrical licensing that are not relevant to our gas stakeholders who are licensed by the VBA.

2015 ESV stakeholder surveys

Other surveys

We also undertake regular reach and recall surveys, to determine how well our brand and safety campaigns are reaching our target audience, and whether they have effected behaviour change – the key indicator of ESV’s success. i.e. After seeing our campaign message(s) were people able to recall them and did they act on the message call-to-action?