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Progress report on wooden power pole interventions – August 2022

Implementation of ESV recommendations

Powercor is increasing the safety of its wooden power pole population by implementing the recommendations of ESV’s investigation into the sustainability of its wood pole inspection and maintenance practices.

Powercor is required to report quarterly to ESV on its progress in meeting key delivery targets for pole interventions, set-out in its bushfire mitigation plan. This includes both pole replacement and reinforcement

As at August 2022, Powercor reported delivery of 3,462 pole interventions year-to-date against an annual target of 6,930.

If Powercor continues to work to its current delivery plan, it can meet the annual target.

ESV will continue to monitor Powercor’s progress against its plan.

If Powercor fails to meet its annual commitment at year end then ESV may take enforcement action.