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Renewable energy licensed electrical inspector – for consumers

Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) will oversee the introduction of a new class of licensed electrical inspector (LEI) specialising in renewable energy installations.

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A Licensed Electrical Inspector’s role is to inspect electrical installations, conduct tests to ensure the safety of an electrical installation. Inspectors issue certificates of electrical inspection, which provide assurance that the work carried out by licensed electrical workers meets the requirements of Electricity Safety (General) Regulations 2019.

Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) is responsible for licensing and regulating inspectors. Inspectors are required to report safety defects and compliance issues to ESV.

Inspectors are licensed by ESV. They are engaged and paid by electricians who perform installation work.

Due to the increase in solar installations and other renewable energy installations in Victoria, there is a need for inspectors to have the specialised knowledge and training needed to ensure safety.

The introduction of a new licence sub-class will require inspectors to demonstrate competency, experience and proficiency before being able to carry out electrical inspection work on renewable systems.

This ensures increased quality and consistency among solar installations and all other renewable energy installations. The Renewable Energy licence class will take effect on 5 April 2024, which will enable the industry to transition to the new system seamlessly.


The new class of inspector will be responsible for all renewable systems, including solar, wind, geothermal, hydro and wave technologies.

Class G provides a broad remit to inspect all prescribed work not covered by any of the specialised classes. Class G LEIs have been responsible for inspecting renewable energy installations.

Class H (hazardous), V (high voltage) and M (medical, patient areas) reflect the higher risk and complexity associated with these installations and include requirements for on-the-job training and additional training or qualifications.

All installations that have been inspected and issued a Certificate of Electrical Safety by a G-class LEI will not be required to be re-inspected. ESV does carry out audits to ensure certificates are issued appropriately and any defects that may have occurred during installation are rectified.  In addition, Solar Victoria conducts audits of solar systems installed under the Solar Homes rebate program to ensure safety.