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Powerlines and poles

ESV has compiled a list FAQs on powerlines and poles. If your query is not addressed below, please contact us.

Electricity distribution companies own and manage the power poles and wires that deliver power to homes and businesses across the state.

Electricity distribution companies are sometimes also called ‘power companies’, ‘electricity distributors’ or ‘distribution businesses’.

Your electricity distribution company depends on where you live and you can find them here.

Contact your local Power Company, also known as the Electricity Distribution Business (DB). You can find them here.

For information on electric or magnetic fields, you should contact The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency.

This agency has detailed information regarding radiation, electrical and magnetic fields.

There is no regulated distance, but if you have any concerns these should be raised with the Power Company for the area.

You cannot build on an easement. If you want to plant vegetation on an easement contact the Power Company for the area.

If your building will be within 4,600mm from any powerline or pole, you should contact the Power Company. For further information, refer to:

Refer to the No Go Zone rules and contact the Power Company if you are working within 6,400mm of any overhead powerline, or within 1,000mm of any power or light pole.

WorkSafe has a guidebook available to inform workers Using powered mobile plant near overhead assets – Guidebook.

Before excavating more than 300mm deep on public or private land, you MUST contact Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) to identify any underground cables in the vicinity

For digging near underground powerlines contact your local Power Company. You can find them here.

You must contact the Power Company if you are digging:

  • 900mm or deeper within 1,500mm of a power pole or light pole or stay wire
  • 1,800mm or deeper within 3,000mm of a power pole or light pole or stay wire.

Most transmission lines are on an easement and you cannot build on an easement. In general, you should always contact AusNet Services Transmission before planning any construction near transmission lines.

In most cases, it is prohibited to install an electric line on publicly owned land unless you confirm an exemption with ESV.

If you require temporary electricity supply, you must contact the Power Company in that area.