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Gas and Pipeline Safety and Technical Regulation

Our Gas and Pipeline Safety and Technical Regulation (GPSTR) division oversees the specialist technical areas of:

  • Gas Operations
  • Type A Gas Appliance and Component Safety
  • Gas and Pipeline Infrastructure Safety
  • Gas and Pipeline Strategy
  • Pipeline Licensing and Emergency Management, and
  • Electrolysis Mitigation


The division is responsible for:

  • ensuring the safety of the conveyance, sale, supply, measurement, control and use of gas controlling the safety standards of gas work
  • ensuring the safety and protection of Victorians from environmental, health and safety risks resulting from the construction and operation of pipelines, and
  • protecting underground and underwater structures from corrosion caused by stray electrical currents.

This is achieved through appropriate licensing, approval and acceptance, auditing and monitoring, educating industry stakeholders, and when necessary, enforcing compliance.

Meet Enzo

I manage a team that oversees the safety of certified domestic gas appliances, commercial catering equipment and certified gas components. I find my role very rewarding, as I work with stakeholders around the country and internationally to address common gas safety issues, and I play a leading role chairing a standards committee and the Gas Technical Regulators Committee. I am also working with new technologies that contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas – ESV gives me exciting opportunities to make a difference.