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Regulations Consultation Papers

In 2019 ESV called for submissions in relation to the following proposed regulations. Our responses to submissions received are now published below, along with the new regulations, which may be found here.

Electricity Safety (Management) Regulations

The proposed Regulations have been made under the Electricity Safety Act 1998 (the Act), which requires major electricity companies – those operating electricity supply networks – to submit electricity safety management schemes (ESMSs) to ESV and comply with accepted ESMSs. The Act also allows submission of ESMSs for employers of electrical workers, occupiers of specified premises and owners of complex electrical installations on a voluntary basis and permits those entities to seek exemption from prescriptive compliance requirements.

The primary objectives of the proposed Regulations are to prescribe content requirements for ESMSs and safety management systems and requirements for reporting of serious electrical incidents to ESV.

Electricity Safety (Cathodic Protection) Regulations

The proposed Regulations are to be made under the Act.  The primary objectives of the proposed Regulations are to prescribe cathodic protection systems for the purposes of the Act, and provide procedures for the registration of those prescribed cathodic protection systems.

  • ESV released this consultation paper explaining the key features and changes to the regulations.

ESV’s response to submissions

More information

For queries about the consultation papers or ESV’s response to submissions, please contact our Senior Policy Officer on 03 9674 6300 or by email at