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Our mission, vision, values and service delivery

Our mission

We protect and assist the community by:

  • working co-operatively and in consultation with the industry and community to facilitate safety outcomes
  • developing and communicating safety and efficiency requirements and programs
  • monitoring, auditing, and enforcing compliance with the requirements
  • administering licensing, registration and approval systems that maintain safety standards and skills

Our vision

Victoria will be a state where the community, industry and regulators share a strong commitment to the safe and efficient supply and use of electricity and gas. There is a similar commitment for pipeline safety.

To ensure their safety, the community and industry will demand that work involving electricity and gas is carried out only by workers who are skilled and appropriately trained. The industry workforce will have numbers sufficient to deliver community requirements into the future.

ESV will be nationally respected and recognised as a leader in safety regulation that facilitates safety and efficiency outcomes through strong communication and consultation, clear regulation, and fair audit and enforcement activities. These activities will be carried out by a highly skilled, professional and adaptable regulatory team who are leaders in their field, and are able to explain their actions and decisions.

Safety and efficiency will be delivered within a framework that is cost effective and fair for all parties. This framework will be consistently and openly communicated to the community and industry.

This will create a safer state for the benefit of all Victorians.

Our values

At ESV the following core values are expected from all our team and these values are expressed in our day to day actions, decisions and interactions with others.


We treat all staff and stakeholders with respect. We:

  • acknowledge the diversity of opinions, experience and skills of those with whom we interact
  • work to create and maintain a non-threatening and positive workplace environment
  • actively listen and recognise that others may have a contribution to make
  • treat all internal and external stakeholders with respect and endeavour to earn their respect.


We will always act with integrity. We:

  • behave in an open and honest way with all internal and external stakeholders
  • act impartially and without bias
  • uphold the values, and ensure others uphold the values, of ESV at all times.


We work cooperatively together with internal and external colleagues, stakeholders and customers to achieve ESV’s objectives. We:

  • develop, maintain and continuously work to improve partnerships with both internal and external colleagues, stakeholders and customers
  • lead by example when interacting in partnership with others
  • recognise that the team’s strength is built on the contribution of all our stakeholders
  • look for new and improved ways to develop our relationships with our stakeholders.


We are accountable for all of our actions. We:

  • take full responsibility for all our actions
  • achieve our goals and outcomes within agreed and appropriate time frames
  • take responsibility for ensuring appropriate levels of knowledge, skills and abilities at ESV
  • We communicate appropriately with all internal and external stakeholders

Service Delivery Charter

ESV has developed a Service Delivery Charter to set expectations about our behaviour and the services we provide to our stakeholders and the broader community.