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Report an incident

If your power supply is interrupted or you have an issue with the powerlines outside your home, contact your electricity supply company as shown on your electricity bill or refer to the phone numbers listed below.


To report an electrical incident call 1800 000 922.

OR fill in our Electrical incident report form. Note: the form is in Microsoft Word format and will download to your computer.

  1. Fill in all required fields using MS Word.
  2. Save the form to your computer.
  3. Email or send the completed form to: or

Attn: Electrical Incidents
Energy Safe Victoria
PO Box 262

Mandatory reporting of electrical incidents

The Electrical Safety (Installations) Regulations 2009 requires mandatory reporting of any electrical incident that causes or has the potential to cause:

  • death or injury to a person
  • significant damage to property
  • serious risk to public safety
  • involves accidental contact with any electrical installation
  • electric shock as a result of direct or indirect contact with any electrical installation.

The Regulations require the following people to report these incidents:

  • electrical worker
  • operator of a high voltage electrical installation
  • operator of a complex electrical installation
  • operator of a railway, including small gauge
  • or any other responsible for the work involved in the incident

The Electricity Safety Act 1998 requires electricity suppliers and fire control authorities to report incidents as outlined above and in accordance with the Electrical Incident and Safety Reporting Guidelines.

Electricity supply companies

  • CitiPower 131 280
  • Powercor 132 412
  • AusNet Services 131 799
  • Jemena 131 626
  • United Energy 132 099

Reporting gas incidents

To report a gas incident, call your gas distribution company:

  • Multinet Gas 132 691
  • Envestra 1800 676 300
  • AusNet Services  136 707

The Gas Safety Act 1997 requires that gas companies must, as soon as practicable, report any of the following incidents that occur in a facility of that gas company or a gas installation to which the gas company supplies or sells gas:

  • the death or injury to a person
  • involves a transmission pipeline
  • causes significant disruption to the community
  • significant damage to property
  • an explosion.

The Gas Safety (Safety Case) Regulations 2008 outline the requirements for the reporting of incidents.

Reporting pipeline incidents

The Pipelines Regulations 2007 requires pipeline licensees to notify ESV of any incident arising out of a pipeline (other than gas pipelines) operation that causes:

  • any person to suffer a serious injury or death; or
  • substantial damage to or destruction of property; or
  • an ignition or significant escape of anything being conveyed in a pipeline.