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At ESV your feedback is welcome. Please tell us what you think about our organisation, our services or even our website.

While our policies are independently reviewed and assessed periodically, your feedback may provide us with an additional opportunity to improve them.  Any compliments, complaints or other feedback you provide is appreciated.

We also appreciate if you take the time to rate our performance and fill in our short feedback form when you provide any feedback. These forms can be returned to us via any of the contact methods below.

Complaints about a tradesperson or reporting a safety concern

To lodge a complaint about a tradesperson or report a safety concern, complete our online complaints form.

Read more about making a complaint about a tradesperson.

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Information you provide with your feedback will be handled in accordance with all applicable privacy laws. Your personal details will only ever be disclosed to another party with your consent or if otherwise permitted under privacy laws.

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If you have any queries in relation to providing feedback or making a complaint or an enquiry – contact us.