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FOI Part II Statements

Statement 1 – Organisation and functions

For information about Energy Safe Victoria, its functions, organisational structure and the legislation it administers, please refer to the following links on this website:

Statement 2 – Categories of documents

Energy Safe Victoria has a range of statutory functions under the legislation it administers. The following categories of documents are held by ESV relating to these functions:

  • safety management plans of regulated gas, electricity and energy companies
  • electric line clearance management plans of responsible persons
  • ESV acceptance and auditing of management plans
  • applications for registration of cathodic protection and stray current mitigation systems
  • applications for licensing of electrical workers and registration of electrical contractors
  • certificates of electrical safety
  • approval and certification of electrical equipment
  • acceptance and inspection of complex gas installations
  • incident notifications, investigations and reports
  • records relating to ESV prosecutions and enforcement activity
  • development and amendment of legislation administered by ESV

Other documents relate to ESV’s administrative functions. These documents include:

  • correspondence
  • meeting records
  • financial and business records
  • human resources records
  • policies and procedures

Statement 3 – Freedom of Information (FOI) arrangements

Under the Freedom of Information Act 1982, any person has the right to request access to documents held by Energy Safe Victoria.

Click on the following links to access further information on: the process for making an FOI request to ESV and ESV’s FOI Request Form.

Statement 4 – Publications

Energy Safe Victoria publications are available at Reports and Publications.

Safety performance reports on the Victorian electricity distribution and transmission businesses can be accessed at Technical reports and publications.

Statement 5 – Policies and procedures

Guidelines, codes of practice and rules relating to gas, electricity and pipelines legislation and their administration by Energy Safe Victoria are available under Legislation and regulations and within other key technical information areas on the ESV website.

Information on ESV’s approach to enforcement (including ESV’s Compliance and Enforcement Policy) and administering infringement notices can be found under Legislation and regulations.

Statement 6 – Reports and publications

Energy Safe Victoria’s annual reports, media releases, EnergySafe magazines and other publications can be found at Reports and publications.